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Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary, formerly known as the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary is a Wildlife conservancy that consists of an area of 12,000 acres and a further 6,000 acres of game corridor and riparian land along the shores of both lakes Naivasha and Oloidien.

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary works to protect and breed endangered wildlife species with projects which also focus on restoring and protecting the natural habitat. There is also a keen effort to ensure the prudent management of the human-wildlife conflict to allow both the preservation of wildlife and thriving of human communities.


Wildlife at the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary include Grevy’s Zebra, Leopards, Hippos & many more.  If you’d wish to visit the sanctuary kindly contact us.


Half Day Marafa (Hell’s Kitchen) Tour

In this Malindi day tour you shall visit the Marafa Depression, alternatively known as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ which is a sandstone Canyon in Malindi, Kenya. The place was once a great sandstone ridge worn out by wind, rain & floods into a series of jagged edges.

The tour shall be conducted from the Coastal Beach Resorts. To inquire about this tour click here.


Half Day Malindi Tour

Malindi Day Tours is a half day tour of the coastal city of Malindi. The Malindi Day  tour shall be conducted from the Malindi hotels. Malindi Day tours takes you all around the town of Malindi where you will visit all corners of Malindi town.

Tour Price



1 Day Gede Ruins/ Watamu Tour

Gede Ruins Excursion Trip is the ultimate trip for all the culture & history lovers out there. Being one of the most highly studied relics on the Coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya, the Gede Ruins is a historical archaeological site that holds all the information about the Swahili people from the 12th Century. 

This Gede Ruins Excursion Trip is mean to take you back in time to when the place begun thriving up until when it lost it’s value.

Book tour.


Wasini Island Day Tour

This is for all the Island lovers. Lets take you on a Day Tour of Wasini Island. This tour is suitable for solo adventurers, couples and generally anyone who is a lover of marine life.

What you get to do from 8:00am to 6:00pm

  1. Snorkeling
  2. Diving
  3. Lunch
  4. See the beautiful mangrove
  5. Swim with Dolphins 
  6. See Coral Reefs
  7. Visit Grave yard for Zanzibar

Price per person is $130. Call Mercy to book/enquire +254718 575508 or send us an email:


1 Day Mombasa City and Haller Park Tour

For the perfect weekend getaway, you and your friends can go to Mombasa Town & Haller Park Tour to unwind and enjoy yourselves.

After touring Mombasa Town lunch will be at coastal dishes and then the tour shall proceed to Haller Park, a nature park located in Bamburi, Mombasa. The park used to be a quarry wasteland but was renovated into a major ecological site.

Safari Highlights

  • The Fort Jesus
  • The Old Town
  • Elephant tusks
  • People and culture
  • The Spice Market
  • Haller Park
  • A taste of the coastal cuisine

06:00am – 09:00am

Arrival Time

09:00am – 12pm

Tour of Mombasa City

12pm – 1:00pm


1:00pm – 3:00pm

Haller Park tour

3:00pm – 4:00pm

Views from clients


Depart from the park.

Price is 60USD per person. All inclusive.

3 Days Lamu Holiday Package

Lamu is a coastal small coastal town in Kenya. It is best known for the oldest and best reserved Swahili settlements in East Africa and has still managed to retain its traditional functions to date. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This 3 Days Lamu Beach Vacation is the perfect holiday choice for you and your loved ones or friends.

The town is characterized by traditional Swahili architecture such as verandas, inner courtyards and magnificently carved wooden doors.

Lamu has been hosting major Islamic holidays such as the Maulid Festivals and has become an important site for the study of Islam and the Swahili culture.

Day 1: Depart Mombasa for Lamu

Karibu Ajanta Travels!

On Day 1 we depart Mombasa town for Lamu town by flight.

On arrival you will be well received and transferred to your hotel by a boat ride.

Spend the rest of day 1 lounging in your hotel room or enjoying hotel facilities.

Meal plan: Lunch and dinner.

Dinner and overnight at your Lamu hotel.

Day 2: Experience Lamu

Enjoy an early breakfast on day 2.

Start touring Lamu town shortly after breakfast.

The most beautiful attractions are the fishing and vegetable markets, Stone Town, Lamu Museum, the Lamu Fort, the Great Mosque at Takwa and the Takwa Ruins.

Meal Plan: Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Overnight and dinner at your hotel.

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