Robinson Island (Malindi) Day Tour

In this Malindi Day Tour, you shall visit the island which is located a few kilometers North of Malindi in a pristine environment, a small fishing village, a school and two restaurants. The rest is just sea, blue sky and millions of crabs walking along the white flourish beach. You will be canoed across on a wooden typical canoe conducted by a folkloric friendly man who animates your crossing with local songs.

The small restaurants will surely strike you for their style: built only with natural materials, gifts from the sea or from the forest that characterizes the heart of the island: logs, barrels and hundreds of dried mangroves roots. The restaurant roof is made of makuti and vanished with African typical furniture. The sea wave sounds will act as background music during your stay. The relaxing area is full of pillows, rugs and raffia mats. The tables and benches made of mangrove logs artistically carved.

The menu, nothing to say, unlimited series of gifts offered by the sea expertly cooked: red Robinson crabs (the main dish for lunch), lobsters, prawns, grilled fish, oysters, clams with grated coconut accompanied with coconut rice, sauce, salads, fruits and the typical African tea. Enjoy the wonderful beach and its pristine nature. At the end we all want to be everyday at Robinson!

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