Tailor Made Safaris

Despite the fact that we have several safari itineraries that you, our customer can choose from, we never shy away from the ones who may prefer to create their own travel plans. This is why we have tailor made safaris.

We welcome you to incorporate your own travel ideas with ours to make the best out of your Kenya or Tanzania Safaris. Our friendly team is always at hand, more than willing to walk you through the steps of creating the perfect safari fit for your budget & personal taste.

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Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary, formerly known as the Oserian Wildlife Sanctuary is a Wildlife conservancy that consists of an area of 12,000 acres and a further 6,000 acres of game corridor and riparian land along the shores of both lakes Naivasha and Oloidien.

The Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary works to protect and breed endangered wildlife species with projects which also focus on restoring and protecting the natural habitat. There is also a keen effort to ensure the prudent management of the human-wildlife conflict to allow both the preservation of wildlife and thriving of human communities.


Wildlife at the Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary include Grevy’s Zebra, Leopards, Hippos & many more.  If you’d wish to visit the sanctuary kindly contact us.


11 Best Places to visit while at the Kenya Coast


Built in 1593-1596 by the Portuguese, Fort Jesus is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Mombasa’s top tourist attractions.

Italian architect, Giovanni Cairati, designed the structure, which is one of the world’s finest examples of 16th century Portuguese military architecture.

Built in the shape of a man, the fort was given the name of Jesus as a clear religious reference. The fort changed hands nine times between 1631 and 1875 before finally resting with the British.

Although partially ruined, Fort Jesus houses a museum built over the former barracks for the garrison. Exhibits include a vast collection of ceramics and pottery reflecting the various cultures that traded along the coast.

Fort Jesus has many battlements and ruined buildings within the compound, including Omani house, built in the late 18th century, which houses Omani jewelry and displays on Swahili life. The Passage of Arches was cut through the coral to give access to the sea.


One of the busiest of Kenya’s offshore reserves, Mombasa Marine National Park protects mangroves, seagrass beds, sandy beaches, and coral reef. Diving and snorkeling are popular activities – especially north of Mombasa, from Mtwapa Creek south to the entrance of Likoni. Seahorses, stingrays, and eels are among the marine creatures inhabiting the reserve, and the MV Dania is a popular wreck dive here. Those wishing to remain dry can view the diverse marine life from a glass-bottom boat.

The popular beaches of Nyali, Bamburi, and Shanzu all provide access to the marine park.


The coastline north of Mombasa is a little livelier than the south coast and the resorts are closer to the airport and Mombasa City.

Palm-lined beaches, crystal clear waters, coral reefs, and a profusion of water sports, resorts, and entertainment venues provide plenty of tourist action.

Mombasa Marine National Park fringes the coast here with multi-hued coral gardens, drop offs, and Kenya’s best wreck diving on the MV Dania.

Traveling north from Mombasa, Nyali Beach is the first stop. Shops and hotels line the beach here, including Mombasa’s first mainland beach resort – Nyali Beach Hotel.

Further north, Bamburi Beach and Shanzu Beach are also tourist hubs with a wide range of accommodation from luxury resorts to beach bungalows.

National Parks to Visit in Kenya

Kenya is a country which lies on the east of the African continent and has a coastline on the Indian Ocean. The country has a lot to offer in terms of tourism and tourist attractions. Here is a list of the top national parks and reserves that you should visit on your next trip to the country.

1. The Masai Mara National Reserve

This is the most popular game reserve in the country. It is internationally acclaimed for the annual wildebeest migration that takes place around July to October. over two million animals migrate from Tanzanias Serengeti National Park to the greener pastures of the Masai Mara National Reserve. This event is dramatic as predators such as crocodiles, hyenas and lions lie patiently ready to attack the weakest of the migrating herds.

2. Lake Nakuru National Park

Also known as the bird-watchers paradise, the lake Nakuru National Park truly lives up to its name. It is best known for thousands, or rather, the millions of flamingos that come to nest along the shores. The major attractions of this park include the lake itself, different bird species along the shore, eastern black rhinos as well as the endemic southern white rhinos, cheetahs, lions, pythons and so much more! You can book a our with us here: http://www.mervinsafaritours.com/excursions/2-days-lake-nakuru-with-nairobi-city-tour for a chance to experience Lake Nakuru National Park.

3. Tsavo East National Park

This is amongst the largest parks in Kenya covering an area of 13,747 square kilometers and is located in a semi-arid area formerly known as the Taru Desert. The major attractions of this park include: the worlds largest plateau, the Yatta Plateau, the Lugard Falls, Mudanda Rock, the Aruba Dam and an array of mammals including Tanzanian cheetah, African civet, dik-dik, African hunting dog, African dormouse, blue duiker, bush duiker, red duiker, eland, elephant, bat-eared fox, greater galago, gazelle, large-spotted genet, small-spotted genet, gerenuk and so much more!

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